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I have 3 prominent scars on my face from when I had chicken pox as a baby and I HATED them when I was younger. Kids called me “crater face” and made fun of me for something I’d had for practically my whole life! Now I could care less about them; I actually appreciate them because they’re a part of me that is unique. Honestly, I don’t even see them when I look in the mirror because they’re such a part of who I am!

- Lauren Lopez in glow*’s blog (via dailylaurenlopez)

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Granger Danger - Darren Criss and Lena Gabrielle (by butterbeerwrocks) I love the line at the end! Darren -“Huggies, awesome!”

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'Selfies' [x]

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this is it. this the post that made me watch this damn musical

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Darren Criss at the Michigan Theater ©

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darren fails are just the best

I love that he just laughs when it happens. He doesn’t even look embarrassed, he just laughs and keeps going.

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Listen Up Tour - Dallas x

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Things about Darren that make me swoon:

how good he looks in suits

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